Thursday, 23 January 2014

Free things are awesome

Hooray! I just got gifted this voucher from a colleague at work! FREE blowdry!
Couldn't be bothered to rotate it. Whoops!
They're probably trying to tell me that my hair looks like this:

The other enemy: moisture in general.
Which it does. Really I;m not kidding I'll update with my pic later

But who cares? Its FREE!

And the moral of today's story? If someone else is will to give you something (Harmless) for free, then take it. If you're worried they're going to turn around and say, "Remember that time I gave you that free hair voucher" you say "Thanks, I didn't ask for it"  so they can't hold it against you.  :P

There's is such a thing as a free lunch, but it wasn't free for the person who made it. :P


  1. I didn't ask you for it

    I love it :)

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